Self-Improvement Series 3: Feminine Hobbies

A little over a century ago, a young woman in high society coming of age was judged not only on her beauty but also on her skills. She was expected to have mastered an assortment of arts by the time she was ready for marriage, in addition to having mastered being a poised, graceful young … Continue reading Self-Improvement Series 3: Feminine Hobbies

Solipsism And How to Combat It

One of the chief complaints I hear from men about women in their lives is how self-centered they can be. While over-indulgence in satisfying ones own wants and emotions and self-absorption are flaws that both men and women can have, women have more of a tendency toward solipsism than men. Solipsism, or "egoistic self-absorption," is … Continue reading Solipsism And How to Combat It