The Epidemic of the Vocal Fry

I was reading Return of Kings, one of the sites that first red-pilled me my freshman year of college, and I came across an article titled “Women Aren’t Women Anymore.” The article discusses the behavior of modern women, how “bitchy and masculine” the average woman is and how modern women lack grace, warmth, innocence, and soft spoken-ness. However, what caught my attention was the first part of the article that discussed the drop in voice quality of women.

I consider myself a feminine-woman-in-progress. I’ve always taken to heart what more traditionalist writers and bloggers say about the ideal woman and try to mold myself accordingly. I never partied or drank excessively, never slept around, made sure I knew how to cook, keep my space clean, and took up feminine hobbies. I take care of myself as well, exercise and eat well and have a skin routine that gives me youthful, clear, glowing skin. In fact, I’m in my early 20’s and still get mistaken for a 15 year old. However, I’m in no way perfect, and still have a lot of masculine qualities that I’m working on ridding myself of, but the section of that RoK article on feminine voice made me realize that my voice doesn’t match my appearance. I can be as feminine as I want, but sounding like an old croaky woman just isn’t attractive.

I have a habit of artificially lowering my voice and ending my sentences in the dreaded vocal fry that the article discusses à la Kim Kardashian. As I was walking around my campus, I noticed that most girls were doing the same. It seems that there is an epidemic of low “fried” voices among women, and I allowed myself to be infected. I realized how annoying and unattractive most female voices are now here in America. I realized how annoying and unattractive my own voice must be. That wouldn’t do, so I did what I do best: began to research. I wanted to know what causes a vocal fry, I need to get rid of this awful vocal habit. I’m sure so do most of you. So, what causes a vocal fry? The two most common causes are not giving yourself enough breath when you speak and speaking with a voice that is lower than your real voice.

Focusing on the pitch of my voice and on my breathing will be the two main tactics I use in combatting this annoying vocal habit, and I’m providing a list of techniques below that i’ll be using to fix my voice and make it more feminine.

1. Raise your pitch. Slightly raising the pitch of your voice will make your voice clearer and stronger. Great actresses of the 20th century practiced changing the pitch of their voice for a more feminine effect.

2. Practice for 15-20min per day. Much like with singing, practicing giving yourself enough breath to maintain a certain pitch will be vital. Read aloud and find your natural pitch (this is a good time to slowly make your way through a classic or get reading assigned in class done, either way a good way to feed your mind).

3. Breathe deeply before speaking. Making sure to give yourself enough breath before you speak, even if you forget to raise your voice’s pitch, will lessen the effect of a vocal fry.

4. Watch the end of your phrases. This is usually where the vocal fry sets in. Pay attention to your pitch all the way through a sentence and be sure not to lower your pitch at the end.

5. Record yourself and listen. This will be vital to your progress. Before even starting to train a vocal fry out of your voice, record yourself reading aloud as you would normally speak. Then, each week as you progress in your practice, record yourself reading again to track your progress.

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