The War on Beauty

I touched on the topic of beauty a bit in my first article on the media’s reaction to Melania Trump wearing stilettos to visit Houston after the floods. Women attacked the First Lady for visiting Texas after Hurricane Harvey while looking stylish and put-together. This wasn’t the first time the First Lady had been attached for shoe choice. An article last month ago discussed the shoe choice of of the Trump women, claiming that wearing heels demonstrated how “terrifying” the women are.It seems incredible that media would criticize women in the public eye, but it is not surprising considering America’s cultural decline. One of the key facets of this decline is a War on Beauty.

The presence of the War on Beauty can be seen especially well on college campuses, the battle front of the cultural decline. College campuses are the bastion of the feminist, fat acceptance, and other movements that teach women to make themselves as ugly as possible by remaining fat (or gaining obscene amounts of weight—freshman 50 anyone?), chopping up their hair and dying it ugly or loud colors, piercing and tattooing as many parts of their bodies as possible, and being as unpleasant as they can. Young women on American college campuses are being brainwashed to be the worst they can be. I see it plainly on my college campus. Incredibly obese girls in crop tops (gag.) pile plates high with food in dining halls, groups of girls dressed in grunge with bangs that look like they cut them themselves loudly discuss their bodily functions in the library, and dumpy girls with facial piercings push young men and women alike as they stomp like elephants into buildings.If you see a feminine, well-dressed woman on my school’s campus, she is either European or East-Asian.


Quickly becoming the stereotypical American girl

Why should we care that American women are purposefully becoming less and less beautiful? Because it is damaging relationships among young Americans. These young women, overweight, grating, and self-mutilated through tattoos and piercings, expect the hottest men to fall into their laps and, out of insecurity, make themselves easy lays for any man that can stomach their horrific appearances. There are too few girls who do take care of themselves and are worthy of relationships, which leads to even fewer long-term relationships and marriages and an event lower birth rate among Americans. Some of these green, purple, and blue-haired obeasts are the types to try to trap a man with a baby, and will become the new generation of welfare-dependent single mothers. This will accelerate the decline of American culture even further.

So what can we do to fight the War on Beauty and the decline of American culture?

1. We women can strive to dress even in mundane situations. Going to the grocery store? Throw on a sundress or a sweater dress with wedges or heeled boots. Just going to your morning classes? Wear a skirt and a nice blouse with kitten heels.

2. Learn to do your makeup properly. There are ample YouTube channels that teach simple daytime looks that enhance your natural beauty without hiding it. I always start off with sunblock (I take after my pale, auburn-haired mother complexion-wise), use a bit of concealer under my eyes (dark circles run in my family), eyeshadow, liner, mascara, and a bit of nude or clear lip gloss. At least once per week I wear a red or pink lipstick to give my look an extra boost.

3. Take care of your fitness. I always tell friends that lifting weights is the most important thing they aren’t doing for their body shape. Women don’t get bulky from picking up weights, and taking the time to build some muscle can give you a more womanly shape. Combine lifting with light cardio or a couple HIIT sessions on the treadmill or rowing machine, and, if you are eating properly, you should see amazing results.

4. This brings me to: eat good food and not too much of it. One of the best things you can do for your health is to make your own meals. I cook dinners for myself at the beginning of the week to make sure I have a balanced meal with adequate calories at the end of my day. I pack my own salads for lunch with homemade dressings, and cook my own breakfasts to pair with my own cold-brewed coffee. I skip the lunch cantinas filled with snacks and high-calorie food and the Starbucks lines for drinks that only add hundreds of unnecessary calories to one’s day.


The face of cultural decline

Doing these things has made me unpopular with the majority of girls on my college’s campus and with women in the office I work in. I get stink-eyes from overweight girls in sweatpants on campus when I walk past in skirts and blouses. The same girls whisper among themselves in the bathrooms when they see me touching up my makeup, as if I’m committing some sin by trying to look beautiful. The women at the office see my diet and lack of indulgence as a threat and prod me to eat cookies and cakes they bring in each day, hoping i’ll pork up like them. They tell me I’m too skinny (my BMI is 19.5), and wrinkle their noses at my salads. Yet, they bury their heads in the sand and refuse to see the truth when I am approached by men on campus and who visit my office.

So, to all those girls out there reading this, follow the steps above. Make other, purposely ugly girls uncomfortable. Be as beautiful as you can, be thin, do you’re makeup, and dress well. Force those girls to reevaluate their positions through your very existence. You may save a young girl in the early stages of brainwashing from the feminist trap.

To the men who read this blog, I say stop having sex with low hanging fruit. While in the moment it might satisfy your needs, you damage the sexual marketplace long term. These women will go on to be the ballbusters who try to marry some chump and take all his money or trap a higher-value man with a baby because they feel they deserve better after having gotten attention from you as young women. Don’t contribute to the cultural decline. Fight it.


feminine woman who takes care of herself + strong, dominant male=perfect couple

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