Of Stilettos, She-Beasts, and Non-News

If you’ve paid attention to the news in the last few days, I’m sure you’ve seen the devastation Hurricane Harvey has wrought on Texas and parts of Louisiana. Having family from both these areas and having lived there for most of my life, it pains me to see this happen. I’ve had my home flood before, and it’s a painful, stressful experience whose effects can last for years. Now, with the immense damage caused by the storm, you would think that news sites would have something better to report on concerning aid efforts and the government’s response to the historic storm, yet the focus on the suffering of the Texan people was overshadowed by criticism of the First Lady of the United States.

What could she have possibly done to warrant such vitriol from the press?

She wore stilettos to visit Texas with her husband.

This should be completely non-news, and yet twitter was abuzz with comments on the First Lady’s appearance in Texas.




How have we come this far, attacking a public figure, the First Lady no less, for looking out together? These attacks on the First Lady’s outfit are a symptom of s much larger problem: the culture of complacency that is overtaking young women (and men, but that is for a different post) today. Young women don’t want to work to be beautiful like their grandmothers in the past, but want to be told they are beautiful as they are. Yes, many girls will get their nails, hair, and eyebrows done to attract men, but your average man doesn’t care about perfect eyebrows.

Men for the most part rank one’s weight and fitness as most important component a woman’s overall beauty.


Much of your level of attractiveness is in your hands

Among today’s generation of fat-acceptance she-beasts, this type of statement is blasphemy, but it is the truth. A woman who is thin and in shape tells the world through her appearance that she holds herself in high esteem, that she is a healthy individual, and that she is disciplined. Young women who have already let themselves go in the years that should be their prime send out a message to the world that they have given up, that they are diseased and unfit for dating and marriage. They loudly proclaim that they are beautiful to mask this truth, but for those who know how the world works, their yelling and theatrics are little more than an annoyance.


Dressing well and maintaining your appearance, too, has gone out the window. When I lived in Europe, it wasn’t uncommon to see women in the grocery store dressed to the nines.


gorgeous at any time of day

In fact, I was surrounded by thin women with long hair and full faces of makeup even in the most casual settings. I became used to following them, taking more care with makeup (always natural and used to enhance, not hide, my features), wearing more skirts and dresses, and growing out my hair. Coming back to the states was a culture shock, for sure. Suddenly, I was surrounded by unkempt women attending classes or going to the drugstore in pajama pants, too-small leggings, blotchy bare faces, and short haircuts that looked like they cut their hair themselves. These women always give me the stink eye when they see me, who still dresses with that european standard in mind, and making friends while back in the states has been difficult. Young American women don’t want to put effort into looking good each day, and they become dangerously insecure and resentful in the presence of a woman who does.



Does she seem happy with herself?

So, seeing our beautiful, thin First Lady arriving in Texas made the harpies screech, not out of concern for the Texan people (oh, the horror of being exposed to designer footwear), but out of a place of self-loathing. For all their talk of “every body is beautiful,” scale smashing, and lauding each other for chopping up and dyeing their hair to look like clowns, these women are deeply insecure. I for one love making these overweight, shrill feminists remind themselves of their self-hatred with nothing but a click of my Vince Camuto pumps, and hope this blog finds other young women who are inspired to do the same and the men who agree with my vision for a return to traditional femininity.


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